AutoClutch® Power Takeoff Special!


For AutoClutch wood chipper owners, we’re offering a great five part package deal.

This special package includes:

  • a brand new disc (reference AutoClutch PN: 48900011),
  • a new cover assembly (reference AutoClutch PN: 41500060),
  • pilot bearing (John Deere PN: 41500217, Perkins / Cummins PN: 41500218),
  • our new, Foley-only, greasable throw out bearing to replace AutoClutch PN: 415003 and old AutoClutch PN: 41500234 (also, see Tech Tip #130: How to Get More Life out of Your AutoClutch Power Takeoff for more info)
  • plus an alignment tool and free tech tips on how to install the pilot bearing.

This complete package of new parts is in stock and ready to ship!