Attention Perkins 4108 Owners!

Attention Perkins 4108 Owners!  11-18-2009

Foley has just developed a serpentine belt system for the Perkins 4108. This new system is called our Hytork Serpentine System. This new system is different from any other on the market. It replaces the singe drive belt on a Perkins 4108 with a serpentine belt system driven by hardened, long life pulleys including a spring loaded, active, alternator pulley. Our Hytork Serpentine System means that the Perkins 4108 owner can now run higher amp alternators, get significantly longer belt life than with the old style single groove belt, and longer water pump life because loads on the water pump shaft are now distributed over a wider area. Additionally, the alternator will last longer and the regulator have less to so because random crankshaft firing pulses are dampened by the active alternator pulley. All in all our Hytork Serpentine System is a win/win for anyone running a Perkins 4108.