Dr. Diesel's Tech Tips

As engine professionals, we feel an obligation to share our knowledge with our customers and other engine pros. To do so we publish an ongoing series of “Tech Tips” designed to help you keep your Perkins, Deutz, Deere, or Continental engine up and running, your Rockford and Twin Disc® PTO to function better, or your exhaust scrubber and purifier to clean more air.

We share in writing these Tech Tips and try to do one or two a month. These Tech Tips have evolved over the years but they stay constant in their goal of communicating our knowledge to our customers and our fellow engine pros.

Dr. Diesel™ welcomes your comments and suggestions.

Tech Tips

Video Tips

Tech Tip #179: Dr. Diesel’s Turbocharger Installation Manual

Tech Tip #178: Deutz 1012/1013 Cooling System Purge Instructions

Tech Tip #177: Crankshaft Installation Tips

Tech Tip #176: 120 Series Electric Actuator

Tech Tip #175: Deutz 2011 Timing Belts; How to Remove the Plastic Cover on the Deutz 2011 Timing Cover When Changing a 2011 Belt

Tech Tip #174: Five Points to Keep in Mind When Overhauling a Deutz 1011 or Deutz 2011 Diesel Engine

Tech Tip #173: How to Remove a Perkins 4.108 Injection Pump in Two Easy Steps

Tech Tip #172: A Five Point Checklist on Deutz Head Bolts and Torque Values

Tech Tip #171: Deutz Head Gaskets: Composite or MLS?

Tech Tip #170: All You Need to Know to Install a Deutz, Perkins or Deere Crankshaft

TECH TIP #169: All You Need to Know About Deutz and Wisconsin Blowers

TECH TIP #168: Deutz 1011 and 2011 Timing Belt Change Intervals; All You Need to Know About Deutz Timing Belt Change Intervals

Tech Tip #167: Twin Disc, Rockford and AutoClutch Power Takeoffs and Pulleys

Tech Tip #166: Block Heaters, Glow Plugs, and Immersion Heaters for your Perkins, Deutz or Ford Industrial Engine

Tech Tip #165: Deutz 912 Diesel Connecting Rod Bolts

Tech Tip #164: Upgrading Your Twin Disc/Rockford or Auto Clutch PTO

Tech Tip #163: Cummins 4 and 6 B Series Short Block Upgrades

Tech Tip #162: Cummins B Series Injector Protrusion

Tech Tip #161: Handy Numbers for Perkins Diesel Owners or Rebuilders

Tech Tip #160: Deutz Diesel Electronic Shutoff Solenoid Selection