Power Takeoff Clutches

We offer new and remanufactured Twin Disc®, Rockford, WPT, NACD, and AutoClutch PTOs for use on wood chippers, drill rigs, screening plants, etc.

If you have a Cotta, Funk, or another brand call us.

We have been servicing PTOs since 1916. We have three models below on special. These are brand new units and come complete with the housing, clutch, shaft, handle and a free workshop manual. You just unbolt the dozen or so bolts that hold on your old unit and bolt one of these back on. Nothing could be easier.

Foley Engines offers a complete line of Twin Disc, AutoClutch, NACD and Rockford power takeoffs and torque converters to meet a wide range of torque multiplication applications. Twin Disc and Rockford offers both a dry housing series of torque converters for lower horsepower applications and a wet housing series for higher horsepower applications. Dry housing torque converters are available for engines in the 30 to 130hp range and are adaptable to various flywheel configurations. Transfluid wet housing torque converters incorporate heavy duty features including a gear-tooth input drive and are available for engines up to 1400hp.

*All new PTOs are deep discounted; sold exchange, plus inbound factory freight. While the above PTOs are brand new units, we also stock remanufactured power takeoffs (Do you know of anyone else in North America who even stocks remanufactured Twin Disc and Rockford PTOs?)


Attention Tree Care Professionals!

Foley Engines now offers a longer lasting severe duty clutch disc for use in Ford powered wood chippers. This new solid clutch disc is beefier and longer lasting than the spring loaded discs with the troublesome springs that can pop out. We've designed it for the 9" 10" and 12” Ford and Rockford PTO clutches as used in wood chippers.

Problems with your PTO?

If you're having problems with your PTO, see the following Tech Tips:

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