Gear Drive Governors

Engine governors are relatively simple devices that monitor, limit and determine engine speed under various conditions.

Gear drive governors are installed by the engine manufacturer in the front timing gear cover and run off a timing gear. Some, as installed on industrial engines powering welding machines, may have a slot in their gear for a magneto to be installed.

A common application in forklifts would be the Hyster Model P60 running a Continental F227 engine or the Hyster Model H50H running a Ford 172 engine. (Disclaimer: we are an OEM supplier to NACCO, the parent corporation of Hyster and an authorized Ford Industrial engine dealer.) In both of the above examples, the governor is installed in the front gear cover with a large handle protruding up.

We supply Hoof Governors as well as governors by Governors America Corp and would be happy to answer any questions.

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