Flyball Governors

Engine governors are relatively simple devices that monitor, limit and determine engine speed under various conditions.

Flyball governors are factory installed and are unique in our experience to Continental engines powering forklifts. These flyball governors are sometimes called "internal governors" to distinguish them from the more common mechanical governors that mount in the front timing gear cover on a bolt-on basis. These flyball governors are installed on the end of the camshaft in a pre-drilled pilot hole for the governor shaft.

There is a race holding approximately a dozen ball bearings on the end of the shaft. When the engine speed is excessive, the flyballs are thrown to the outer edge of the race by centrifugal force. This then presses on an arm to limit overspeed.

Typical applications would be the Hyster H80C powered by a Continental F245 engine.

We supply Hoof Governors as well as governors by Governors America Corp and would be happy to answer any questions.

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