Great Value

What does great value mean to us?

  • Value means that we stock what we sell. This results in faster delivery to our customers. This means less downtime for you! With over 20,000 square feet of engines and parts, we’re likely to stock what you need.
  • Value is offering a great product at a discounted price.
  • Value is offering our technical expertise in your time of need. There are far too many folks posing as engine professionals that well, aren’t. With three generations of knowledge passed down, we talk the talk and we walk the walk, as they say.
  • Value is educating your customers to better help them make the right decision. One of the ways we do this is to offer free Tech Video’s which we post on our website. Take our Deutz 1011F/2011 timing belt installation video for example. Folks call us all the time and want to know how to perform the job themselves. We take these requests seriously and produce quality educational videos as a result.

See our Tech Tips and Videos section of our website for more.

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