Foley Engines has long worked with Ford Motor Company to support its industrial and off-highway markets.  Foley Engines, founded in 1916, has supported the Ford Industrial program since its introduction to the Industrial market in 1947.

All this history means one thing, experience!  Call on our experts with a problem and they’ll find a solution.  Whether you’re working on an old antique Ford 172 or a brand new TSG416, we can help.

Foley Engines stocks over 600 engines and has 20,000 square feet of engine parts. We have factory remanufactured Ford Industrial engines and engine parts in stock and ready to ship.

We have complete engine and parts coverage on the following series engines:

  • Ford VSG411
  • Ford VSG413
  • Ford KSG411
  • Ford KSG413
  • Ford LRG423
  • Ford LRG425
  • Ford LSG423
  • Ford BSD442
  • Ford BSD444
  • Ford BSD444T
  • Ford RSG422
  • Ford RSG428
  • Ford RSG431
  • Ford LSG875
  • Ford CSG649
  • Ford ESD442
  • Ford ESD659
  • Ford ESD660T
  • Ford ESD662
  • Ford LSG861
  • Ford LSG870
  • Ford WSG858
  • Ford CSG850
  • Ford WSG1068
  • Ford TSG416
  • Ford DSG423


For more information on Ford engines and how to maintain them, take a look at our Ford Tech Tips below:

in the U.S. 1.800.23.FOLEY

Dr. Diesel

If you're looking for manuals for the following Ford models, we offer them for sale online as either a downloadable PDF or a paper version.

  • Ford 134 / 172 / 192 RSG/RSD 422 / 428 / 431 Industrial Engine Service Manual
  • Ford 220 / 330 Service Manual
  • Ford 300 / CSG649 Industrial Gas Engine Service Manual
  • Ford LSG423 Service Manual
  • Ford LSG875 Service Manual
  • Ford TSG416 Service Manual
  • Ford VSG411 / VSG413 Service Manual