Industrial Diesel Engines

Industrial Diesel Engines

Foley Engines began as an industrial engine rebuilder in 1916 rebuilding a variety of engines. As we grew and expanded, we became an engine distributor stocking new and remanufactured engines. Today we specialize in Perkins industrial, John Deere diesel, Cummins B Series, and Deutz air cooled diesel engines and are the oldest engine distributor in the US.

To support our customers, we stock over 600 industrial diesel engines, both new and remanufactured, ready for same day shipment. With our huge inventory and experienced people, we can help you with control your diesel costs and minimize downtime.


Here’s how we can help:

  • New Engines. We also stock brand new Perkins, Cummins B Series, Deere, and Deutz air cooled engines to either replace an existing engine or for a power unit application. Frequently, a brand new engine is less money than a remanufactured engine because the new engine comes complete with many new accessories and with a better warranty. We recently installed several new Cummins B Series engines in airport ground support equipment for less than the cost of a reman B Series Cummins. These new Cummins B Series came with all the accessories to include all the electricals installed on the engine. As a result the new Cummins dropped much more quickly. Not only did the airline save on installation time and labor, they received a lot of expensive accessory components free of charge.
  • Foley Hytork diesels. Rather than sending out your Perkins, Deere or Deutz diesel for custom rebuilding, call us for a factory remanufactured engine. A remanufactured engine that comes complete with all new internal parts is dynomometer tested. Our Foley Hytork factory remanufactured engines arrive at your location with all accessories (except electricals) and are essentially ready to run. This cuts your downtime to a minimum. You get a quality engine that will give you years of service and a firm, fixed price up front. Not only that, you also get same day shipment. Because they have been test and a robust, one year warranty. A one year warranty that covers both parts and labor. Compare what Foley offers with the uncertainties of a local “rebuilt” engine.
  • Engine cores. Maybe your engine has failed catastrophically but the machine your engine is in does not warrant the cost of a new or even a reman engine? If that’s the case, we can help you with a core or donor engine. Because we have been doing this for 106 years, we have pallet racks full of engine Perkins, Deutz, Deere and Cummins engine cores. While these cores all need rebuilding, this would be your lowest cost way to get back up and running.

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