Breathe easier knowing that you have a Genuine Foley Diesel Exhaust Scrubber

Our diesel exhaust scrubbers help reduce the amount of air pollutants that are emitted from machinery on your jobsite. We first developed the scrubbers for the Boston Big Dig and have refined them since then.

Right now we have our most popular model, the 53-85HP range Diesel Exhaust Scrubber available for just $695!  This Clip-on Style Diesel Exhaust Scrubber is designed work with any diesel engine.

Did we mention that it installs in less than 2 minutes as seen in this video.

For more information on our scrubbers and what they can do for you, we have a series of technical documents that we encourage you to read.  Please call us with your application information (engine hp and exhaust pipe diameter) and we will spec out the correct unit to fit your engine.  Foley Engines also offers Exhaust Scrubbers for Gasoline, LP/NG in a wide range of horsepower.