Engine and Parts Warranty Form

Engine & Parts Limited Warranty Form

Foley Engines is proud of its 103 years of successful remanufacturing. As the oldest engine distributor in North America (we were founded in 1916), it is our intent to provide a quality product with a generous warranty. We load-test our remanufactured gas and LPG fueled engines to check for proper compression, oil pressure, and vacuum. We dyno-test our diesel remanufactured engines and check for the same parameters. Our transmissions are extensively bench tested. Our engines, parts, and workmanship are covered under warranty for a period of ninety (90) days (unless our Super Cover One-Year Warranty is purchased). The warranty period shall begin at our invoice date. Coverage is limited to those customers who are in full compliance with the terms of the invoice and is restricted to parts and labor only.

Foley Engines warrants each remanufactured engine or transmission to be free from defects in workmanship and material for a period of ninety (90) days. We or one of our authorized representatives will repair or replace free of charge any defective part or defect in Foley’s workmanship for a period of 90 days. Possible defects in workmanship or parts should be reported immediately by telephone and confirmed by fax and US Mail. This limited warranty covers only the original purchaser and does not include or extend to anyone else. It is expressly understood that under no circumstances shall Foley Inc. be liable for any direct, special, consequential, hedonistic or commercial damages. All transportation costs are the responsibility of the customer.

The obligation of Foley Engines under this limited warranty is replacing a failed part, engine or transmission that has been returned freight prepaid to Foley Engines on a timely basis and has been deemed defective by Foley Engines. Field repairs must be authorized by Foley Engines in advance. This limited warranty shall not exceed in total value $500.00 in parts and labor.

The customer is obligated to follow standard installation instructions outlined in the authorized Workshop Manual and Foley Tech Tips, both of which we provide free of charge to all customers. We encourage the purchaser to replace the water pump, all hoses, thermostat(s), and to have the radiator professionally cleaned. A thermal recorder has been installed on all engine castings. Any product from which the thermal recorders, original identification markings or Foley markings have been removed will be excluded from warranty coverage. After-coolers on turbo diesel must be cleaned and pressure tested. Mixing elbows on marine engines must be checked. A new damper plate must be purchased with the marine transmission for the marine gear to be covered under warranty.

Turbo chargers, as used in aggregate screening plants and concrete saws, are high maintenance/high mortality items. Accordingly, we are unable to offer a warranty on turbos used in aggregate industry applications. We also encourage turbo users to install pre-cleaners ahead of their air cleaners and to put their engines on an oil analysis program.

Foley Engines is not responsible for failures resulting from the following: faulty accessories, prolonged idling, normal wear, operator abuse, use of artificial starting fluid, overheating, starting in extreme cold weather without an engine heater, operation without adequate or proper coolant, fuel, engine oil, air intake systems, or from improper storage, warm up, or run in. For both engines and transmissions, we strongly recommend frequent oil sampling and fuel and oil filter changes using genuine OEM filters. We provide extra oil and fuel filters to every customer free of charge. We urge all customers to follow the guidelines in our checklist, “Installing a Replacement Engine“, checking off each item. We may request that this be submitted with the part under warranty consideration.

New and remanufactured short blocks and long blocks are very incomplete partial assemblies. How well they perform is largely determined by the installing mechanic. Accordingly, our limited warranty covers only defects in parts and not workmanship for 90 days. This limited warranty is administered by Foley Engines.