How To Order Parts For The Ford VSG Series Engine

Helpful Guide on correctly ordering parts for the Ford VSG Series engine - Tech Tip #121

The Ford VSG series engines are small four cylinder industrial gas engines used widely in floor scrubbers, sweepers, wood chippers and other industrial equipment. This Tech Tip follows on the heels of other Tech Support articles we have published on Ford Industrial engines. See for example Tech Tip #4: Ford 172/192 Industrial, Tech Tip #24: Ford 300 Industrial Downdraft Carburetors, Tech Tip #92: Identifying the Ford Dover and Dorset Engines: Five Easy Ways to Tell the Dover and Dorset Apart, Tech Tip #94: Ford 460 Industrial Engine, Some Considerations, Tech Tip #85: Identifying and Maintaining the Ford C6 Transmission as Used in Industrial Applications, Tech Tip #87: Perkins, Ford, White-Hercules, Continental and Chrysler Water Pumps: How To Identify and Order, Tech Tip #117: Ford 172 and Ford 192 Distributors and Drive Rods, and Tech Tip #119: Identifying the Ford 460 Industrial. Over the years there have been many changes in these Ford Industrial engines and ordering replacement parts or a remanufactured Ford engine can be difficult. This Tech Tip focuses on how to order parts for your VSG series engine.

The Valencia or VSG series has had two iteration, the VSG411 and the later VSG413.

Here is the chronological outline:

Model Year Features      
VSG411 Pre-1986 With regular ignition distributor, 3 main bearings & 5-bolt flywheel
VSG411 1989-1992 With coil pack (or DIS), 3 main bearings & 5-bolt flywheel
VSG411 After 1992 With coil pack, 5 main bearings & 6-bolt flywheel
VSG413 -- With 5 main bearings & 6-bolt flywheel


NOTE: VSG411's with the coil pack and the 3/5 combo WILL NOT interchange with the VSG413 which has the 5/6 combo.

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