Cummins B Series Tachometers

Helpful guide on installing a tachometer in your Cummins B series Diesel - Tech Tip #55

Got a Cummins B series diesel but no tach? Surprisingly, lots of these B Series come out of the factory in truck and industrial applications without tachs. Our Dr. Diesel™ says that running a diesel without a tachometer is like driving at night without headlights. Sure, you can do it, but why? So here's the skinny:

Parts List

First, pick up the following parts from Cummins:

Description Part No.
  Tach Drive DF 9013
  Valve Cover, 6 Cylinder 3902605
  Valve Cover Gasket 3902666
  Filler Cap 3901895
  Seal Ring 3902363

From a Stewart Warner dealer, you'll need:

  Tach, 3500 RPM 9CWB994C
  Drive Tang B821870
  Tach Sender 9CWB106AW

From a speedometer shop, buy a standard speedo cable with .104 drive ends.

Installing Your Tach

Remove the oil filler tube assembly and install the plastic drive unit on the now exposed nut in the gear cover. Install the new valve cover, gasket, filler cap, and seal ring in place of the old filler hole-less valve cover. Hook the speedo drive cable to the drive and the tach sender unit (which can be mounted anywhere). Hook the wiring up between the sending unit and the tack, remembering always that the drive ratio is 0.5:1.

Please call with any questions. We stock Cummins B Series Service Manuals and supply them free of charge with our B Series engine overhaul kits.

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