AutoClutch® Power Takeoff Special!

Now! For AutoClutch wood chipper owners, we’re offering a great five part package deal.
This special package includes a brand new disc (reference AutoClutch PN: 48900011), a new cover assembly (reference AutoClutch PN: 41500060), pilot bearing (John Deere PN: 41500217, Perkins / Cummins PN: 41500218), our new, Foley-only, greasable throw out bearing to replace AutoClutch PN: 415003 and old AutoClutch PN: 41500234 (also, see Tech Tip #130: How to Get More Life out of Your AutoClutch Power Takeoff for more info) plus an alignment tool and free tech tips on how to install the pilot bearing.
This complete package of new parts is in stock and ready to ship for only $399.
At this price why wait? Why rebuild?