Custom Engine Rebuilding

We can help you run in the fast lane with your engine parts and transmission needs. Take engine overhaul parts kits. These engine overhaul parts kits enable you to replace the internal, wearing parts in your engine such as pistons, bearings, etc. We stock both In-frame parts kits for someone who just wants to do a quick overhaul as well as complete Major Overhaul Parts Kits for someone who will be removing their engine from the chassis and removing the crankshaft. Either way we've got you covered.

Our Basic Kits are the lowest priced on the market (we monitor this on a daily basis).

Our Foley Major Kits are designed for a complete overhaul and are the most complete on the market. Our Major Kits in addition to the usual piston, rings, and liners, gaskets, and bearings also include Workshop Manuals, new rod nuts and bolts (see Tech Tip #76 for the importance of new con rod fasteners), primer and finish enamel paint, oil and fuel filters, balancer shaft bushings, rod bushings, etc.

Dr. Diesel™ even puts a Dr Diesel coffee cup in all of these kits for when you are reading the Manual! Got a question? We'll gladly fax you a complete list of our kit contents. Just call us at 800 233 6539. We think that you will agree that these kits are the most complete on the market. Besides great pricing on great kits, we can also help you with remanufactured cylinder heads and fuel injection systems. When you can get not only your parts kit but also a reman head and fuel system all in one box, it may not make any sense to send parts out locally. With us you can save time and money. You can get all the parts you'll need to do a complete overhaul with one phone call.