Twin Disc®, Rockford® and AutoClutch®

Rockford, Twin Disc and AutoClutch power take-off (PTO) clutches are one of our many specialties.  Foley Engines has an extensive inventory of the most popular size PTO’s.  If you’re a do-it-yourselfer we also stock clutch packs, bearings, friction plates and the alike.  If by chance you need the odd part that no one else in the world has in stock, look no further.  Our in-house custom and factory remanufacturing program can take care of it.  We have state of the art cleaning, testing and machining equipment to properly remanufacture any clutch you may be running.

Replacement Twin Disc, Rockford and AutoClutch PTO’s are in stock and ready to ship!

Most popular units include the following:

Twin Disc

Twin Disc C108HP5

Twin Disc C108HP4

Twin Disc C110HP4

Twin Disc SP111HP3

Twin Disc SP211HP3

Twin Disc SP211HP2

Twin Disc SP214P1

Twin Disc SP314P1

Twin Disc IBF314P1


Rockford 4-34510

Rockford 4-11298

Rockford 4-11256

Rockford 4-35771

Rockford 4-34845

Rockford 4-11258

Rockford 4-24827

Auto Clutch

Auto Clutch HD1300XT

Auto Clutch HD1300XT150

Auto Clutch HD1300XT175

Tech Tips for power Takeoff Clutch Maintenance & Pilot Bearing Selection

in the U.S. 1.800.23.FOLEY

Dr. Diesel

If you're looking for manuals for the following models, we offer them for sale online as either a downloadable PDF or a paper version.

Auto Clutch HD1300 / HD1300XT Manual

Twin Disc SP111 / SP211 / SP311 Service Manual