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Our Deutz timing belt kits are different.  Not only do the kits have all the tools  you’ll need and a full set of instructions,  the belt and pulley are different.  Our severe duty timing belts are PFTE reinforced and the tensioner pulley has genuine SKF bearing.  No Chinese belts and pulleys from Foley.

The Deutz 1011 / 1011F kit is very complete and includes a timing belt, a timing tension gauge, 2 custom timing pins, a tensioner pulley, a torx bit and installation instructions.

This kit is a one-time investment.


If you have already purchased this complete kit, at the next belt change interval (Dr. Diesel™ recommends every 800 engine hours) you would simply purchase a refill kit consisting of a only a belt and pulley.

Act Fast: Grab this one-time exclusive offer before time runs out. This offer is not available elsewhere on the site.