Cummins B Series Engines, Crank & Kit Specials

Brand New 4B/4BT/4BTA/3.9L Base Engines only $4895!

This is NOT a rebuilt, reman or even a crate engine. These are brand new REPLACEMENT engines that match your engine’s CPL and engine serial numbers. (When ordering please provide this information.)
These new industrial engines come complete with the valve cover, cylinder heads, engine block through the oil pan and includes such accessories as the oil cooler, water pump, etc. We believe Tech Support Matters so to help you with the installation, initial start-up and maintenance periods, we will give you (free of charge) a Cummins 4B workshop manual, a year’s supply of extra oil filters, and an installation checklist to follow.
Also Available from Foley:
  • 4B Crankshafts Brand New $795
  • B Series Engine Kits (includes a FREE Workshop Manual) from $595
  • Workshop Manuals only $125