The Cummins 4B engine is a rugged workhorse found in many industrial applications such as wood chippers and skid steer loaders. Because the B series doesn’t have replaceable sleeves, when it comes to overhaul time the engine must be brought to a machine shop to bore it out for oversize pistons, rebuild the connecting rods, and inspect the crankshaft. Downtime and unknown costs can quickly add up and become major problems.

But we can help. We’re offering factory remanufactured Cummins 4B base engines at a firm, fixed price. They come complete, valve cover through the oil pan, for just $3,495, exchange.

These engines feature all new internal components, including a brand new crankshaft (a $550 value).

We also include a brand new oil cooler (a $416 value) and water pump.

All the items; the new crankshaft, new water pump and new oil cooler will lead to longer engine life. All the wearing surfaces have been re-machined and these base engines are ready for you to reinstall your fuel system and other components.


This is a factory remanufactured engine with a warranty. It will give you many hours of productive service. It is backed by America’s oldest engine warehouse. Please don’t confuse this quality engine with what some people advertise as a good runner, a take out, or even a “rebuilt motor”. You can’t afford one of those. Our Shop Foreman calls such terms “putting lipstick on a pig.”

We know that Tech Support Matters™ so these engines are shipped to you with a Cummins Factory Workshop Manual, a year’s supply of oil filters, and a written installation check list. As a factory remanufactured engine there is a free one year factory warranty. All in all, this is a first class engine from America’s oldest engine company.

Foley Engines, founded in 1916, is now offering factory remanufactured Cummins 4B base engines at a firm, fixed price. They come complete, valve cover through the oil pan, for just $3,495, exchange.